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Included services

The services you will get when buying our product are the following:

  • We offer the customer service that will leave you satisfied and pleased.
  • We ensure that the products get to you on time as punctuality is a virtue.
  • Our prices are always affordable and you will not get such quality products anywhere else.
  • We aid you in every step by offering you information and instruction videos.
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What our clients say

  • Very fast shipping and great services. The silicone adhesive is surprisingly sticky.

    C. levin
  • I recently repaired my time capsule, one of the few times I have done electronics work, the kind on circuit boards and all that. Polyimide tape is a special amber-colored tape for use inside electronic devices for binding things together, holding down wires and such. It is for high heat, non-conductive uses and is what they used when the capsule was built. Frankly I figured they carried it at the local electronics store, but surprisingly not, so I came to Polyimide Tape Online and got great customer service and fast shipping...not to mention a GREAT low price!.

    J. Bradford

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